Saturday, July 23, 2016

I Believe in Miiiiraaaacles!

I don't know where that little jingle came from, but I remember Ashton always going around the house (like his usual freakiness) and singing it.
But truly, I believe.
I really do.

Remember last week's rant?
(sorry about that)
Well those investigators came back to church this week!!!!! 
And guess what??
We talked about temples.
Aaaaand the Sunday School lesson was supposed to be on Christ and we droned on about King David and his concubines for a solid 10 minutes until our homie, Elder Udy, raised his hand and went off on baptism and Jesus and every time the subject started straying again...
*hand raise* = one of the missionaries.
Currently l o v e  the missionaries that I serve with. 
Anyway, after all this craziness, our investigator still says after church, "This is the only church I've found that satisfies me." 
It just goes to show this is GOD'S work, and not ours. 

Another miracle that happened:
We have a daughter and a mother who have been on date to be baptized for AWHILE now and we've just been getting really discouraged and frustrated with their use of agency lately. 
Agency... is... the worst.
But you know, I'm still all for it and everything.
We know that making these covenants with our Heavenly Father will bless their lives ENORMOUSLY and it's really frustrating to see someone you love be sooooo close, but so far.
Well anyway.
The daughter hasn't been to church for over 2 weeks and so we technically had to take her off date and were pretty sad about it and then this past week she went out of town so we thought, "Well there goes trying to get her at church this week!" but we decided we would look up a church in the area she was visiting and text her the address anyway, thinking it was a long shot...
God is sooooooo good, people. 

Also, we have been teaching these two little twin girls Ashley and Zoey for a couple of months now and this past week they got baptized! 
They are the sweetest and the CUTEST.
I just love those two and every time they see us they'll come running with lots of hugs. 
Zoey always whispers to me: "You're my favorite sister."
It melts me. 

Life is good. The work is better!

Sincerely, Sister Soloa'i 

Our lovely STLs

The district... and Sister Burkhart.

The WINNINGS. adore them. They're leaving in TWO weeks to go home. tears. so many tears.

The Twins' baptism!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

God Bless America

Soooooo sorry for the lack of activity lately.
Sadly, this post is probs going to be mega boring because not much has been going on, but at the same time a ton of stuff has been going on.
Life is insane.

Can I make a suggestion to all those out there preparing for talks in sacrament meeting?
Please, for the love, PLEASE talk about Jesus. 
Yesterday, in sacrament meeting the topic was "Patriotism."
So I'm thinking, "Okay. This could be good. Talk about the freedoms we enjoy in this land what a blessing from GOD." 
OH, no.
One kid gets up and starts talking about how America is the greatest and no other countries compare to it.
Over the pulpit.
Did I mention our two investigators came?
Did I mention it was there first time at church??
Did I mention they are from I N D I A ? ? ?
Coming from a family that has been blessed to know several different cultures, I was born and raised with the belief that no one is greater than another.
I mean, America rocks for sure.
God bless America.
But seriously though, people, we're all God's children here and his gospel is centered on LOVE and CHRIST.
Let's keep it centered there.
The day just gets better and better when we head to class and what are we discussing today?
Not, "I love to see the temple" kind of temple talk but, deep doctrine, "I swear if you bring up Kolob, I'll murder you." kind of temple talk. 
Being a missionary is stressful. 
The church is true.
The church is perfect.
The people aren't.
But that's okay.
Because you know what?
It's still the Lord's work and He's the head of it.
Also, miracles happen because even though it was probably THE WORST Sunday to take new investigators to, they still said they had a nice time and felt good aka THE SPIRIT (aaaaaaaaahhh!!) there.
God bless Hoosiers.

Sincerely, Sister Soloa'i

Not even the gnomes answered their doors that day

Shout out to my windy, underpopulated, dry aired (miss you), mountain-blessed Wyoming. You da one. 

You know you're in the hood when...

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