Monday, March 27, 2017

{ yes, I'm alive. }

Thank you to all of those that asked.

Dear, poor neglected blog,


But hey, that just means I'm actually living my life enough to not have time to write about it, right?

So much has happened that I don't even know where to begin.

I hit my year mark:

Just warming myself by the flame of the shirt I wore to the MTC.

Celebratory ice cream. The members here... they the ones, yanahwutimean?

But I also hit my 13th month mark this week because it's legit been that long since my last post.

Life is GOOD though! Sister Alexander I continue to love each other and continue to work mega well together.

Honestly, it's incredible how NSYNC (lol) we are when it comes to teaching and following the Spirit. Every lesson we have, the Spirit is always there and we've seen many miracles from it.
Doesn't mean we still don't have days that look like this:

When you get dropped 3 times in one day.

But we definitely get to see the Lord's hand everyday and blessings are aaaaaall around.

For instance.
The kid that dresses up as a red squid every Friday when the sun is out and blasts music and dances all over campus.
I kid you not.
You man, are my spirit animal.
My goal in life is to teach him, but little sucker moves so fast and he's kinda busy... haha

And Charlie.
He's our investigator who we found on campus... larping.
Don't know what larping is?
It's cool. I didn't either.
It means "live action role play."
He was carrying around a sword and so duh we asked him about it and better believe he demonstrated how to use it.
Also, better believe Sister Alexander tried it out.
I stood there,
watching them play with that sword,
(Oh, excuse me, "LONG sword." Already made the mistake of calling it just a sword once in my life...)
and thought, "How did I get to this point in my life? Why... Why am I here?"
And that's exactly what we did.
We missionaried.
He turned out to be an atheist, but fast forward a few lessons and now he's probably our most progressing investigator!
We were with him when he prayed for the first time and when we asked him how he felt afterwards he said, "Well. That was really awkward."
Us: "You right."
But then this light just came into his eyes and he was like, "But I don't know, I'm also really excited!"
Us: "You right again."

Guys, I love my life right now.

I love the people I serve with.

I love that the members know my diet so well.

I love that I get to go on exchanges and learn from incredible missionaries.

Especially when those missionaries are your old companions still serving in your old areas.

I love that my companion knows me so well and will feed my ice cream addiction.

I looooooove Purdue.

But most of all, I love the Lord and I love His gospel and I love teaching it.

Sincerely, Sister Soloa'i

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