Monday, April 10, 2017

{ just call me Dorothy }

My life is literally a whirlwind.
This is what I imagine Dorothy felt when her house got straight sucked up in that twistaaa.
I feel like so much happens in a week that by the time Monday rolls around I'm still dealing with the whiplash of it all and I don't know what to write about.

Speaking of whirlwinds...
Can we talk about this Indiana weather? It's 73 degrees one day and snowing the next and then some days walking around campus is like walking in a tornado.

But hey.
No matter the weather, Purdue never disappoints.

I mean, am I right?

You know that feeling where you have so much to say that you have nothing to say?
That's basically where I'm at.

So just know that:

1) Spring sprung which means the trees are all fluffy and cute and I'm happy.

2) All of our investigators dropped us... again. And we found several new ones... again. 
Don't worry, reese's eggs are here to cope through those up and down days.

and finally,
3) Having your best friend double as yo companion remains the best.

Also, Sis A and I had the opportunity to go to downtown Indy this past weekend and we drove through our old area to get there (sooo bizarre).
Being in the heart of Indianapolis just brought back sooooo many memories and emotions.
So weird to be back where I started.
With my trainer.
In the place where I probably learned the most and loved the hardest.
My little heart was just fiiiiilled with gratitude, as we drove over those pothole-covered roads, that my Heavenly Father asked me to serve Him over a year ago (wut).
Rich blessings aaaaall around.

Sincerely, Sister Soloa'i

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