Saturday, May 13, 2017

{ n o v e l : t h e s e q u e l }

Hello, from windy Purdue.

A lot has happened in the last two weeks so here's the lowdown:

[ t r e e h u g g i n g  t o  a n  e x t r e m e ]

Remember the fun swing in the trees?
Well, we thought it would be a great idea to take our whole zone there for P-Day, and you know, bond.

Little did I know that this sentence I received from my Mom when she found out about the swing the first time, would end up being prophecy: "(sister) PEEKY!!! Did you see how many times you almost hit that huge tree?  Don't you know how often trees KILL people?  That was not fun!!"

Long story short, I was trying to do this little trick and I lost my balance (did I take ballet all throughout high school? I mean... yeah. Never said I was good.) and ended up careening (still on the swing) towards this massive tree.
Luckily, there was an Elder close to it and he quickly jumped in between me and the tree so that I would crash into him instead of the tree.
Bless you, sir.
We're both totally fine!
Probs will never swing again though.
That stuff's dangerous, kidz. Stay outta the parks. 
In the chaos of it all, three other Elders came running to the rescue to catch me when I came hurtling back again.
Hahahaha, guys.
Did I not say that we would bond at this zone activity?? lol.

[ p l e a s e  d o n ' t  r u n ]

It's just painful.
For everybody involved.

We volunteered for this charity run last week and we were pumped about it.
You mean, you WANT me to fulfill my childhood dream of a cheerleader and scream encouragement at people as they run by me?
Uh, yes.

It started raining.
Pouring rain.
Pouring, frigid, sad, sad, rain.

Cheerleader dream: been there, done that. Not doin it again.

[ f i n a l s  w e e k ]

Literally NO ONE is on campus.
Well, that's a lie.

You know those cute little ads to promote children's health? "Kids, even superheroes eat their vegetables!" I feel like this could be the new headline to promote child development: "Even Spider-Man goes to school!" 
#purdue #boilerup

But all the students are leaving for Summer.
Including our favorite members...
Namely, Emma.

baby come back to meeeeee

Buuuuut we've been meeting a lot with all of our investigators before they leave for the Summer.

One of which is...

[ s a m u e l ] 

Did he come to church last week for the first time?
Yep. (yay)
Did literally evvveeerrryyyy point of doctrine get brought up?
Yep. (noooooo)

Sacrament meeting:
First speaker: "Sooooo the word of wisdom is basically the greatest thaang evvvaaaa."
Second speaker: "The organization of the church is like this..." *spouts off general authorities* *talks about every organization within the church*
Third speaker: "You become what you spend your time doing! Don't get sucked into social media! You are what you watch!"
Member sitting in front of us: "I AM Michael Scott!"

Gospel Principles:
Teacher: "Today we're talking about the signs of the second coming! What do we know about it? Let's all just talk about our opinions and the philosophy of it all!!!"
*looks over at Sam*
*reading the entire lesson on the law of chastity*
*continues crying*

Combined third hour: 
First speaker: "Does your dad have the priesthood?! Ask for a priesthood blessing! By the laying on of haaaaanddsssss!!! PRIESTHOOD BLESSINGSSSSSSS!!!"
Second speaker: "I'm honored to talk about my favorite subject today: THE TEMPLE!!"
Me: *stands up* "SO LIKE. KOLOB ANYONE??!? Because why not!!!?"

Did you think it ended there?

Lunch afterwards:
Counselor from the bishopric: "Sooooo Samuel. You're been meeting with the sisters for a while now (literally 2 weeks, thanks) so like... WILL YOU BE BAPTIZED???"
Is... Is this a joke.

But the greatest miracle of all happened with Sam this week.
We had a lesson with him preeeeettyyy promptly after that Sunday fiasco.
We were discussing how he feels about just evvveerrything and we basically did a mini testimony meeting with him.
Guys, THE SPIRIT. It was so strooooong.
He started talking about how he gets this feeling whenever he's at church and when he talks with us. He described it as peace, love, happiness and also a "sense of harmony."
And then the coolest thing happened:
He said, "Sister Soloa'i, one day, you were wearing this white dress and I remember thinking you looked just like my Grandma and when you talked I thought it was her. I actually started tearing up. I feel like she's trying to tell me that this is where I need to be."
Sister Alexander then bore probably the best/powerful testimony I've ever heard her give.

It was such a testament to me that yes, the gospel is beautifully true, but also, it completely unites families even beyond the grave. There are people who care just as much about the progression of the gospel on the other side as the people do here. When both sides work together, miracles DO happen.

[ w h i t e  r i v e r  4  l y f e ]

Happily, Sister Alexander and I made a trip to White River (our first area).
Sadly, for a funeral of someone we really, truly love.

Sister Lyons, WE LOVE YOU.

While we were there, we took the opportunity to stop by our old little home

And visit our favorite homies

Can you believe a year ago yesterday that main man, Timothy, got baptized?? Also, Fluffy died. So we had to improvise. May the cottonball, rest in peace.

Every time I'm in White River, I just feel SO at home and feel the love of my Savior so strong. I came to know Him as my friend while serving there and I'm so grateful for every day since of furthering our friendship.

I promise you, He lives.

[ s & a ]

at it again for the last transfer.

Sincerely, Sister Soloa'i

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