Wednesday, October 12, 2016

{ All You Need Is Loooooove }

First things first, how glorious was conference??
Can we take a moment of silence for that gift from God that was Russell M. Nelson's talk?
Thank you.

Well, friends. Story time:
lately, I had been really frustrated in this area because I felt like we weren't seeing the typical missionary success I was expecting to find. White River was filled with people the Lord had prepared and it seemed like everyone wanted to hear the gospel and we had a lot of people we were teaching and I felt like miracles were happening everyday.
Logansport is a completely different scenario and I wasn't used to it.
I was frustrated and upset that tracting wasn't successful in the ways we wanted it to be and that our investigators were using their (dang) agency in ways that weren't helping them progress.
So I was preeeetty angry. And suuuuupa sad. And basically blah. Worst of all, I felt like the Lord wasn't answering my prayers and I felt alone.
But then this week I had a much needed wakeup call:
There is a less-active woman who we have been visiting every week for the past month. She had some hard feelings towards the church due to circumstances in her past, buuuuuut.
She is wonderful.
She's like my BFF. 
I love her.
She suffers from a rare, incurable, brain disease called intracranial hypertension.
She's only in her early thirties, but some days she feels completely weighed down and that her disease has stolen her life.
Two weeks ago she told us how devastated she is that she will never get to do all the things she always planned on doing in her life.
Her bucket list: 1) Attend The Price is Right 2) Visit Italty, Hawaii, and The Holy Land
It broke our hearts as we just sat and listened and cried with her.
Sister Harris and I decided that we can't take her to Italy, but we sure can do SOMETHING!
So after we said goodbye, we headed over to the dollar store and picked out little gifts that represented each thing on her bucket list (for example, a Hawaiian breeze scented candle for Hawaii) and we wrote notes on each thing and shoved it all in her mailbox to find.
One of the gifts being a picture of Christ, with our testimony and a promise that even though she may not go to The Holy Land, the reason for The Holy Land, Jesus Christ, is with her always.
This week when we went to go see her, she told us that she had burst into tears when she saw our gifts and it touched her profoundly.
She's a spokesperson for her disease, has a large following on social media, and recently started up a non-profit organization on behalf of finding a cure.
Well she said that she was so touched that she made a video all about us, the missionaries worldwide, and the church and posted it. Well, hundreds of people watched and commented all about how wonderful it was and some said because of it, they too were going to "pay it forward" and help others in ways they could. Some also said that they could feel the love Christ had for them, individually, because of the love they saw He had for her.

M I R A C L E S.

I may not be witnessing the baptisms of every single person I see here in Logansport, but I can confidently say I'm having great, beautiful success. The reason why I came on my mission is purely about love. I know I have a Father in Heaven that loves me. I know I have a divine Brother who does as well. And I want to share that.

Love really does make the world go round, doesn't it?

Sincerely, Sister Soloa'i

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