Tuesday, March 22, 2016

LOOOOOVE L O V E lovelovelove

I feel almost guilty for loving my mission so much.
Am I a freak?
Seriously, people. My companion is the bees knees and I looooooove all the missionaries and just all the people I've come in contact with so far.
The members here are unreal. They contribute so much.
It's so much fun to teach people about something I love so much and that I know will bring them so much joy.
Currently, love life.

This past week L was baptized! Y A Y !
We just love her and it's amazing how the gospel can just totally change people's lives around for the BEST.
I've seen so many miracles, it's ridiculous.

(Cute L's baptism!!)

Something cool that happened with L this week: she has this crazy job at a bakery that she works aaaaaaall night at and then she sleeps aaall day. She's ALWAYS like half dead whenever we see her and it got to the point where she started making excuses to not read her scriptures and pray because of how tired she was.
So we were really worried because like L. Gurl. You're getting baptized. You can't stop reading and praying right before you get baptized! Satan is real and he knows how important this decision is!
So we made her a promise that if she read her scriptures more diligently, that the Lord would bless her with having the energy she needed and she would be able to feel more rested.
Oh. My. Gosh. Heavenly Father delivered.
The next day when we went over, she was supaaaa awake and so excited and said she had woken up at 5:00amthat morning and had read and read and read her Book of Mormon and had completed all of 1 Nephi and had started on 2 Nephi.
She was so excited to show us all she was learning and had so many questions and it was just THE raddest thing eva.
Ohhhhhh how Heavenly Father loves His children and His work.

Okay. So. HAHA. 4 of our current investigators are blind.
They are the coolest, kindest, best people in the WORLD.
But like... what the heck??
Anyway, we adore them and their desire to find truth is amazing and they ask the greatest, most inspired questions. Teaching them is probably the highlight of my week.

Shout out to Regan:
We're teaching this lady named Ms. Jackson and so duuhhh I sing Ms. Jackson by Panic at the Disco every. single. time. we go over there.
My companion hates it.
No one has good taste in music.
I miss you.

Mom, thanks for instilling in me all those weirdo nursery songs like Nobody Likes Me, I'll Go Eat Worms and The Cat Came Back because it's been a real source of comp unity.
I sing constantly as we tract and I receive death threats from dear, Sister A on the daily.
Heh. She loves me.

(We get asked if we're sisters on the daily)

The gospel brings so much joy. AKA Jesus Christ brings so much joy. I've never felt more complete or happy and I don't care how cheesy that sounds because it's soooooo true.

Sincerely, Sister Soloa'i

(...frog legs? I've played my vegetarian card so many times since I've been here. It's been such a blessing.)

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