Thursday, March 3, 2016


No. I am not going to a Samoan speaking mission. But! I do have an elder in my district, Elder Tutasi, who is Samoan and has been teaching me the language since I got here. It's way fun to learn more about my culture (looking at you, Dad). 

Okay. Guys. Whoever said the MTC was the worst, straight up lied. Because I seriously can honestly say I've never in my ENTIRE LIFE been happier than right... now. 
Maybe my life just wasn't all the cool before my mission or something...
But no. The MTC rocks. Like, I don't even know where to begin.

To say that I absolute adore my zone would be such a gross understatement. I always knew that I would make eternal relationships on my mission, but I never really thought about how much those relationships would mean to me. These elders and sisters are far more than just my best friends. Yeah, that was cheesy. But seriously, I don't know how I even lived without these guys for so long.

The second day I was here, the grandmother of one of the sisters in my zone died. The sister was absolutely heartbroken -- and now here's the incredible thing about this -- so was everyone else in the district. I've never experience how beautiful and spiritual "mourning with those that mourn" could be. The elders in our district gave her a blessing and we all then just sat and talked and cried and cried and prayed and cried. It's amazing the amount of love we feel for one another in such a short amount of time. 

My first role-play practice teach with our teacher was like... extremely, mega awk. But prettttyyyy flipping fantastic. My companion and I were just like,  "Okay. If we're gonna do this, WE'RE GONNA DO OUR BEST!" So we walked all up in that room and just totally let the spirit guide us and we taught about the love of God. 
I may have cried.
I walked out of that room just so overwhelmed with the confirmation that I'm exactly where I need to be and SWEET IS THE WORK. 
Ugh. The gospel is just so true.

I'm the Sister Training Leader of my zone and it's be sooooooo awesome getting to know these sisters and learning about their lives and their backstories. I'm shocked everyday with how strong ALL these missionaries are. I've had several heart to hearts with all the missionaries in my zone and we've seen each other cry on numerous occasions. 
The MTC rocks, but it's also uber hard.
But the SACRIFICES these kids are making and the things they have given up to jump into the unknown and be a missionary of the Lord is absolutely amazing. 
I just loooooooooooooooove everyone.
Literally everyone.

Okay. So. Like. Funny story: there's an elder in my zone who has this crazy, creepy, crush on me and just randomly brings up "our" life and asks me like how I slept the night before and will shake my hand all the time and even brought up once what he imagines our kids could look like. Being totally serious. 
Elder. No. Stahp.
So one day he asked for my email and this is how it went down: 
Me: "Oh DANG, elder! My mission can't have email!" Total lie. WRITE ME.
Him: "What?! Are you serious?"
Me: "I. Know. Right?? Ugh, it's hard."
Him: "Wow. That's really sad. Maybe you can talk to your mission president...?"
Me: "Better not. Exact obedience, amirite?"
Him: "Oh, well we can talk after our missions then."
Me: "Oh mmm uh huh."

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. so. much. 
All is well.
I am alive.

Sincerely, Sister Soloai

Elder Townsend looking like how we all feel

our sassy Elders

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