Tuesday, April 19, 2016

B E D B U G S : Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Live (in Indy) Without (getting) Them

^Gross. Gross gross gross. Ick ick nasty ew.
So there we are Friday night, planning, eating Mom's yummy cookies she sent (thanks Mom!), enjoying the end of the day...
But no.
"What is that??" -Me
"IT'S A BEDBUG!!!" - Sister Alexander
*freak out*
We stayed up cleaning EVERY. SINGLE. INCH. of our apartment for fooooooorever. 
We sprayed alcohol everyflippingwhere, we washed every little piece of cloth, and we vacuumed like madwomen. 
Aaaaaaand we're officially bedbug freeeeeeeeeeee! 
But. When you're a missionary and you get bedbugs, you also get exiled. Other missionaries are afraid of you (and they honestly should be). 
Rest in peace our only discovered bedbug, Ramone. 

This week we had the super fun opportunity to stand outside the gates of the play "The Book of Mormon" and hand out books of mormon!! 
It. Was. So. Fun.
If you haven't seen the play...
Simply don't.
The book is MUCH better.
It was so cool to stand outside, with other awesome missionaries, and testify of what we know to be true and what we know brings complete, everlasting happiness. 
It reminded us of Lehi's dream with the great and spacious building and the people mocking those that were partaking of the Tree of Life. Haha!
The church IS true and the book is blue!

We've been teaching this stellar guy, Tim, for quite some time now aaaaaaannddd
Tim is blind.
Are you shocked?
We love him and it's been such a blessing to see him grow, learn, and see how the gospel has blessed his life soooo much.
We had the simplest, but most amazing experience right before we asked him to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized: We were just sitting in silence at the end of a lesson and we felt promoted to just say, "You know it's true, don't you?" And all he said was "Yes." 
Spirit was SO strong! So amazing! 
Have I mentioned how much I love to be a missionary?

Sincerely, Sister Soloa'i

This is S and she was teaching better than we were in our lesson, so we figured we would just hand over our name tags.

Cute, bright, painted walls are EVERYWHERE. They make me so happy.

The sun fiiiiiiiiinally came out today... so naturally, we planted a garden.

Me when people cancel our lessons.


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