Monday, April 4, 2016

Mushy, Spiritual, True Things

This past week I feel like the Lord really made it clear what my weaknesses are aaaaaand it basically blows. BUT also rocks because I've never felt so humble in my life.
The cool thing about the Lord though is He wants us to be happy and He always answers our prayers! 
One night this week, I was praying and asking Heavenly Father to pleeaaassee let me feel somewhat useful and receive some kind of confirmation that I could do this whole missionary thing. 
And the next day was probably THE BEST day I've had on my mission. 
Every lesson went so well and I was able to testify of Christ completely with the Spirit. And also just really TALK and LISTEN to people and help them with their needs and greater solidify my own conversion. SUCH a good, good day.
The Lord hears us, people! He knows us and He's waiting for us. 
AND He love us soooooooooo (SO) so so so much it's ridiculous. 

My favorite thing about my mission? Being able to see miracles DAILY in people's lives. I've been out in the field for like... what? A month? But I hold that month so dear and have experienced and learned so much from it, that I would never ever ever ever trade it for anything in the whole, wide wooooorrrld.

Simply put, the gospel of Jesus Christ IS restored and it IS this church and it absolutely, undoubtedly, completely brings everlasting, eternal joy. 

Sincerely, Sister Soloa'i

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  1. Bro. Randy Breland says hey and I am proud of you. Can't believe the little girl I carried on my shoulders on the nature trail in Natchez is on a mission. All the best. Bro. B


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