Monday, April 11, 2016

"I'm not wearing pants. Should I put on pants?"

So. Preeeetty sure our apartment is broken because every. single. night. the fire alarm goes off for like a minute and then stops.
Like. What the heck.
I lay cowering in my bed every night and pray I'm not about to die.
Also, I have the world's hardest sleeper as a companion and so I don't even have a friend to freak out with at 3:00am.
But... haven't died yet so all is well!

This week, our blind investigators dropped us.
It was really sad because we had really grown to love those people and now they're not even in our lives anymore.
I felt like they were breaking up with us, honestly. They started going on about how they didn't want to "lead us on" or make us feel like our little relationship was going in a direction they didn't want to go (baptism). And one of them even started tearing up and asked if we could still be friends.
Ha. What is even going on.
To top off the whole breakup, we went and listened to sad sounding hymns (is that even a thing?) and ate ice cream.

It seems like Indy doesn't know how to dress themselves.
One day, it seemed like every door we knocked on had a naked man on the other side. One dude, wet, and hiding behind the door, opened up and just said, "Hey, I'm in the shower."
K. Cool. Bye.
Another guy answered the door a crack and said, "I'm not wearing pants. Should I put on pants?"
Yes please. We actually ended up teaching him though so that was awesome.
But still.
Indiana, I love ya. But please put on some clothes.

The highlight of this week was when we tracted into this elderly lady, Elenor. We knocked and she opens her door wiiiiide open and goes "Well hello! Come on in!"
She. Was. So. Nice.
We sat down with her and we had probably one of the best lessons I've ever had on my mission thus far. We taught the restoration and the whole time she just sat there and cried and said how beautiful it was. She's really old and is taking care of her sick husband so she can't come to church, but it was just an amazing experience.
I LOVE Elenor.
Meeting people like her and loving them soooo much just within such a short time, is probably my FAVORITE thing about being a missionary.
I love this gospel. I love the love that's in this gospel.

Sincerely, Sister Soloa'i

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