Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Beware of Geese

Yesterday, Tim received the Aaronic priesthood. 
No words. Just happy.
Soooooo happy.

This week is zone conference and guess who were asked to sing as the (very) special musical number?
If you consider the sound of crying whales the equivalent to singing... then by all means, make a trip over to Indy this upcoming Wednesday!
Good thing the power of prayer is a real thing (looking at you, Mom) because we're definitely gonna need it. 

So geese in Indiana are what deer are in Wyoming I've come to find out. 
they. are. EVERY.WHERE. 
And they're mean. And they hiss. And they chase you.
I honestly don't know what I hate more these days, dogs or geese.
Just to kinda illustrate how horrid these creatures are, we got a call from our recent convert, Lori, and the convo went a little like this:
Me: Hey Lori! How are ya?
Her: A goose tripped me.
Me: uhhhhh I'm sorry, what now?
Her: A flock of geese swarmed and tripped me on my walk home from work today.
Me: Oh dang! That doesn't sound good. Are you okay?
Her: I'm fine! I just had to go to the hospital because my nose, head, and knees are bleeding and I broke 2 ribs.
Me: .....WHAT THE HECK LORI!! Did you make sure to kick it in the neck?!??? We're coming over right now. Do you need anything?
Her: Yeah. I'm really thirsty. Bring me some Mountain Dew. Diet.
Seriously. Beware of the geese.

As the Hoosiers say, y'all have a blessed day!

Sincerely, Sister Soloa'i

Occasionally, Sister Alexander and I like to take real creepy, mega awkward selfies.

Meet Kailey. She's basically my best friend out here.

Our washing machine is broken and only works if you sit on it soooooo this is where you'll typically find one of us.

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