Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Prayers, Spirit, & Tofu

Remember how I said that we were singing in zone conference?
el. oh. el.
So I find myself praying for everything these days (no matter how dumb) and last week I prayed that Sister Alexander and I would sound remotely goodish and at least that the Spirit could be felt during our little number... 
Well. Heavenly Father must have realized that that wasn't even an option so He took things into His own hands aaaaaaaaaaaand 
W A  L A A A A A: voice gone.
Two days before conference, I got really, super sick and completely lost my voice.
I've never been so grateful for diseases in my entire life.
I'm good now, Mom.

We've been teaching these two ladies, Donna and Terica, who I just adore. 
They requested a Bible from a few weeks ago and so we went over to give it to them and they ended up being interested in the gospel too! We have been teaching them ever since. 
They have taught me SO much about the love God has for His children. And every. single. lesson is so incredible. They have suuuuch a desire to follow their Savior. 
I don't know what more to say about them then just that they're so wonderful and I love them!
We had already taught them the restoration, but on Thursday we decided to reteach it to them and ohhhmuhgosh hands down (one of) the BEST lesson we've ever had. 
The Spirit. Oh, the Spirit. 
They are now on date to be baptized July 2nd!! 
H O O R A Y ! !

So my district officially hates me.
We all (there are 8 of us) went over to a member's house for dinner and were greeted with, "WELCOME! We're having a completely vegetarian meal for Sister Soloa'i!" 
*looks around kitchen and sees packets of plain tofu everywhere*
Please no. 
As we were "eating" (I wouldn't even classify it as that), I received enough hate glares to last me my entire life.
Entire eternity, really.
At one point, the member left the table and one elder immediately had a meltdown: *puts head in hands* "Guys. I'm gonna throw up. I'm straight gonna throw up." 
Did I mention it was my (very carnivorous) companion's birthday?
Happy birthday.
But honestly, how sweet of that member to do that for me? I may never have wanted to eat again, but I was really touched that they would go to those great lengths for me! 
We seriously have some of the best members out here! 

Sincerely, Sister Soloa'i 

Car selfies seem to be a thing for missionaries

With President and Sister Cleveland <3

Meet Jeremiah and Jazmine. We volunteer at an elementary school once a week and these two (along with Kailey) are my best friends.

Just a casual day of tracting.

What face are we doing? Sister A: The face we wish we could make when people ask us if we're sisters.

She died during our outside studying sesh. Soooo... naturally....

It was Sister a's birthday, but the members we were with didn't have candles, so they just brought out a scented one. Better deal if you ask me.

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