Thursday, May 5, 2016


Better believe I went to a Jewish church this week. 
Remember our past investigators who were all blind and broke up with us?
Well, turns out we did stay friends. 
One of them, Jordan, is studying to be a Rabbi and he invited us to come to church with him and we said, "We'll come to your church if you come to ours." And we did just that!
The Jewish faith is pretty beautiful. I haven't the faintest idea what was going on the majority of the time because everything was in Hebrew, but everyone was SO friendly and everything they did teach (that I understood) was about serving others and finding joy in life. 
There truly is goodness in every church. 
I was really grateful for the experience. Not only because I got to learn more about others and the way they live, but because it really strengthened my testimony in Jesus Christ. 
He is God's Beloved Son, He is truly, perfectly and wonderfully our Savior. 
How amazing is that?? He lives for me and for you and we can live forever, with Him, too!

Our investigator, Tim, gets baptized this week! 
The coolest thing happened to him this week: He has been mentioning lately how he doesn't know if he's felt the Spirit before. At least, in a way that he wants to. 
Sister Alexander and I decided to fast for him yesterday that he would be able to receive that confirmation through the Holy Ghost, especially before his baptism.
The power of fasting is real, you guys, okay?
Straight real.
Well, yesterday we went and visited him and one of the first things he says to us is, "I felt the Spirit today."
*excited noises by us*
He went on to try and explain how it felt and the coolest thing was that he couldn't find the right words to say. All he kept saying was, "I just felt so awesome. It was so awesome. This peace and warmth just came over me during church today. It was awesome. So awesome." 
I love that. I love it when all we can do is just FEEL the truthfulness of the gospel. 
Personally, I find that when I know something, I can always be talked out of it or when I just go by logic, I don't have any real desire to act on that knowledge. But when I FEEL something, I can't deny those feelings. 
How many times have you ever felt soooo good that you just HAD to tell someone how happy you were? You know the feeling of just not being able to stand still? That's how I feel all the time as a missionary. THE BEST feeling ever. 
I believe that it's not until we FEEL the truthfulness of the gospel and have that desire to act on it that we truly start to become converted. 
As Tim would say, the "awesome" thing about getting to that point is all we have to do is get on our knees and ask.

My very first lesson, my very first investigator, my very first baptism, my very first Hoosier friend, Lori, got to go into the temple this week!!! 
Not only did she get to go inside, but she got to be baptized for her Mom. 
How awesome, right??! 
This work isn't just for us, it's for families! 

People, the church is true. 

Sincerely, Sister Soloa'i 

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