Monday, August 1, 2016

Courage to Have Faith

I feel like Satan was tempting everyone to anti us this week or maybe God was just trying to make us stronger, I don't know. Either way, it was a REALLY trying week. 
I also grew a LOT.
Last Friday, there we were, sitting in the living room of a potential investigator and they and their friend are just going OFF about how religion isn't even a thing, we shouldn't believe in things we can't see, trying to tell US what WE believe when they didn't even know what the name of our church was until we told them, and questioning us about the most ridiculous stuff like how if we truly knew our church was correct, we should know how many books in the Book of Mormon there were without looking (15. thank you primary). 
Basically they were just shaming everything we hold dearest to us and being insane. 
Normally, in these situations I try to be very respectful and kind and whatnot.
In this case, I felt something kind of snap that hot, Friday afternoon in that wacko's home. 
Now, these people were loud, and their speech was never-ending so I just start waving my hands around and going, "Hey! Hellooooooo!" and they're all like *talky talky talky louder louder louder* and I'm all like, "Actually, no. I'm going to stop you right there." 
And, surprisingly, they did. 
I was then able to bear my testimony about something really wonderful: 
F A I T H  I N  C H R I S T 
Did it matter to them?
Probs not.
Did they even hear a word I said?
Probs not.
But that measly testimony, in the middle of a contentious environment, by a little girl who still has no idea what the HECK she's doing, spoken with embarrassing, frustrated tears, meant everything to me.

People, I don't have a perfect testimony. 
I don't have proof and facts to back up every answer I feel to be right when it comes to the church.
I have things I question myself!
But let me share with you one of my all time FAVORITE scriptures: 

"And I said unto him: I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things." - 1 Nephi 11:17 

I don't know everything. 
And honestly, I don't even "know" that this church is true.
But, for the love, I have absolute, 100%, crazy, uber, F A I T H that it is! 
I have faith that Heavenly Father truly does love His children and that he doesn't want us to fail or be led astray. 
I have faith that He provided a Savior who loves and knows us in a way we will never understand. 
I have faith that He didn't send us to Earth to just potter around and kinda, sorta, maybe, be a good person and perhaps get back to Him someday. 
He gave us His gospel! He laid out His plan for us! Because He WANTS us home and He WANTS us to be happy and have joy in this life and in the next and so, of course, He provided us a way to achieve that! 
I have faith that that SAME EXACT gospel Christ had on the Earth is restored. 
I have faith that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is wonderfully true. 

"And now I said concerning faith -- faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true." - Alma 32:21

Just because we may not KNOW, doesn't make it any less true. 

Sincerely, Sister Soloa'i 

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