Monday, August 29, 2016

I L.O.V.E Indy

We got the call.
We're both being transferred out of Indy.
The Lord is in control of His work and I know He has amazing plans for my dear, White River. 
F A I T H, amirite??

I won't ever be able to thank my Heavenly Father enough for sending me here and the 
{ B E A U T I F U L }
six months I was able to spend laughing (constantly), singing, hair-flipping, raging, praying (hard), dancing (shhh! don't tell), fasting, dying, thriving, fearing, sweeeaaating (this humidity ohmygosh), sobbing (tears. so many tears), aaaaaand L O V I N G (bundles and bundles and bundles...) here. 
This place is NUTZ.
This place is blessed. 
This place has wonderful, mental, pretty people: 

My veerrryyy best friend forever and ever, Sister Leonard

My family away from my family, The Lewis Clan

My best homegirl, Shannon

My Mom of White River, Sister Burk<3

The two I poured my heart and soul into, my most loving cheerleaders: Donna and Terica

My best homie and her shouldn't-be-allowed-to-be-this-cute munchkins

The family that always made me laugh: The Delps 

 The sassiest, Nancy

 LOOOOOOORIIIII, my main gurl.

Grandma, Mom, Baby, Grandbaby

My People: Dawn and Tim

And of course, muh Baby. I love ya.

Peace out, White Rivaaaaaaaa

Sincerely, Sister Soloa'i

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