Sunday, February 5, 2017

{ Birthdays, Miracles, & Invalids }

h a p p y  b i r t h d a y  t o  s i s  r o w l e y

 Basically obsessing over anything 20 these days.

Guess who also had a birthday recently?
Verna, that's who.
She's this little ANCIENT woman that lives at the nursing home we volunteer at.
We're homies.
Well we were walking down her hall last Thursday, visiting people, chatting about "the good old days" and whatnot when we see Verna outside her room, in her wheelchair, with a happy birthday balloon. So we were like:
"Verna! Waaassssuuppp! Hey! Is it your birthday??"
Her: *cute old lady voice* "No. It was the 7th."
Us: "Oh, right on! That's great! Happy late birthday!"
Her: "Boy, I wish I was as tall as you girls."
Us: "Ohhhh...kay? Yeah, thanks!"
Her: "Everyone calls me Shorty. Because I'm so short!"
Sister Rowley: "Aaaaaayyy! Shaaaaawtyy!"
Me: "It's yo biiiiirffday! We gonna party like it's yo birthday!"
Verna: "No. It was the 7th."
Sister Rowley: "Yeah, you're right. Let's not do that. Well, we'll catch ya on the flipside!"
Her: "I don't know what that means."
Me: "You know, me neither. It's just what the cool kidz on the block are saying these dayz, ya knowwhat I mean?"
Her: "Oh. I know."

Also this week, our woooooonderful investigator Glenda came to church for the first time!
Not just for the first time at our church either.
It was so special to watch her slowly start, in her words, "baby-stepping" back to God again and she seemed to really enjoy it and feel the Spirit.
We also had THE most incredible lesson with an investigator we had debated dropping because she just wasn't progressing.
We decided to teach about The Book of Mormom and the Spirit was SO strong and she was super engaged and she also came to church that week!
The Book of Mormon is powerful. It's true.
God is good, people. He really is.

I'm the most awkward person alive.
I just am.
Our area is preeeeetty wealthy and we ended up knocking on a door that belonged to a guy who plays for the Jazz.
His house is beautiful.
His wife is beautiful.
His life is beautiful.
And I was extremely intimidated.
So what did I do?
I got awkward.
He was SUPER kind (& massive) and we talked for a while, but he already knows a lot about the church because (hello) he lived in Utah.
So we did our little missionary thing and he nicely declined our message and so I'm all like, "Heh heh heh okay well *cough* nice to meet ya and all" and I notice that he was on crutches...
If you know anything about me, I use humor in awkward situations and I laugh too much and my jokes are dumb.
Well. After almost 11 months, guys, nothing's changed.
So along with my "Nice to meet you! See you later!" spiel, I had the bright idea to tack on"Well, nice to meet you! Sorry we made you crutch all the way over to the door since you're an invalid and all."
Wait. What.
Him: *looks down at crippled leg* "Oh. Ha. Yeah."
My thoughts in that moment: Oh my heck. Why did I just say that. What is wrong with me for real. What if he's actually handicapped and it's like chronic or TERMINAL and oh my gosh he's gonna die and I just joked about it. I'm the literal worst. Okay escape. Escape, escape, escape."
Me: "Okay. BYE."
*Walking away* Sister Rowley: "Dude. You just called an NBA player an invalid. To his face."

Have a great week everyone! Don't hurt yourselves, okay?

Sincerely, Sister Soloa'i

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