Monday, February 13, 2017

{ life in a nutshell }

Turned 20.
Ignore my companion's limbs

Taught a lot of lessons about how Jesus Christ is the only way.

One of those lessons being to Glenda about keeping the word of wisdom.
She accepted it.

Us: "Glenda, have you prayed to know Joseph Smith was a Prophet and that Jesus Christ has restored his gospel to the earth again?"
Her: "Yes."
Us: "How were those prayers answered?"
Her: "Well it just has to be true."
Us: "Why do you say that?"
Her: "I can't deny the way I feel when I ask God. It just has to be true."
Me: *crying as per usual*

Taught our main girl, Margaret, at the rest home deuces. 
Or as she says, "juices."

Got to do a session in the temple for the first time in 6 months.
Ended up booking the same session as the elders #westfieldhomies

Indiana is giving me whiplash from the constant changing in weather.
On wednesday. temp: freeeeezing.

On saturday. temp: 65 beautiful degrees. 

This is Susan. we asked Susan to take a picture of us. Susan took a picture WITH us and then promptly left. hence, the selfie above (had to take matters into our own hands). that's my bad though, I must not have been very clear with the request.

Sister Hunter (aka Cacis) goes hooooooome.
The district got together to say goodbyyyyyyyyyye.

Realized I loved Westfield and all the people in it with aaaaall my <3 and don't ever want to leave. 
Blestfield summed up.


Got transfer calls:
Purdue University here I coooooome!
Sister Training Leader (what.) here I cooooome!
That's right, people.
The duo's back, baybee.
p u m p e d .

Sincerely, Sister Soloa'i 

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